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Business analysis, system design, project management, training, development, Office 365, Sharepoint, intranets, team collaboration

Gavin Morgan
Gavin Morgan, Consultant

"Making your IT solutions happen"

Independent IT Consultant working for global companies on Office 365, SharePoint, intranets and large roll out projects. I take a friendly, personable and yet focused approach and my experience covers all aspects of the project life-cycle. Skills include project planning, system analysis, scoping and designing solutions, liaising with developers, briefing support teams, technical writing, managing training and ensuring the business objectives are achieved. In all aspects of my work I take pride in clear communications, proper training and thorough documentation.



Every project must have clarity of purpose. The most important and often hardest part is properly defining what a team or project is trying to achieve. With careful listening and focused discussion I can help you get to the heart of the problem


There are many elements to an IT project - engagement, communications, development, training and support. These can overlap but with careful planning we can not only get things right but avoid duplication of effort


Whether a solution is "out of the box" or custom built, processes and IT features will need to be designed. Coded features are developed by trusted partners with whom I have worked for many years


Documenting the design and processes is an important part of all my projects. Information is needed for training, communications and support so it is crucial to capture it


With over ten years in training and user adoption I can help design you a training programme. Working directly with the business or through in-house trainers I can draw on a range of customised approaches to ensure staff build confidence in your solution


Long term support is essential to give teams confidence. Not only do I maintain links with clients but I work with support teams to ensure there is a proper handover and independent support on site




SharePoint implementation, laptop encryption, onboarding systems and user adoption since 2004



Intranet Migration built on Office 365



Office 2010 user guides and training

Thames Water

Thames Water

e-learning modules for document management roll out


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Gavin Morgan